Some Doctors don’t like handling car accident cases. That’s ok. Let us help!

As a family doctor, you may prefer not to treat car accident injury cases for a variety of reasons. You may be put off by the legal aspects, not wanting to deal with lawyers and ICBC personnel or not relishing the drafting of medical legal reports and maybe having to testify in Court. You might simply be uncomfortable in managing chronic pain cases because you don’t feel that you have a solid enough knowledge base, because you find managing such cases very frustrating and unrewarding or because you very honestly would prefer to spend your time providing other medical services.

You may be, rather reluctantly, taking on such cases at this time for your own patients who get into car accidents because you believe that you have no other options.

What if there is an option? What if another physician wanted to take on your car accident cases and could provide first class service?

That would free up your time to do what you want in your practice as opposed to what you believe that you must do.

Just so that there is no confusion, if you decide to use one of our car accident doctors for your cases, the car accident doctor will only provide care to your patient for his or her car accident related injuries. Your patient will continue to see you for his or her non- car accident related medical issues.

Please provide us with your particulars to the right and someone will get back to you shortly. They will work with you to discuss the program and how you can arrange for referrals to our doctors. We understand that your inquiry is exploratory at this time and we will treat your information with unconditional discretion.

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