Do you enjoy treating car accident patients? Join our growing team!

Over ninety percent of persons injured in ICBC car accidents sustain injuries to the soft tissues of their neck and back, primarily the muscles. They complain of neck pain, back pain and headaches. Some have radicular symptoms. Most of these patients recover inside of a year. Some of them proceed into the dark realms of chronic pain.

Most family doctors prefer not to treat such cases for a variety of reasons. Some are put off by the legal aspects, and others do not feel comfortable in managing chronic pain cases; either because they don’t have a solid knowledge base or they find managing such cases frustrating.

Most family doctors will somewhat reluctantly manage car accident cases that arise from their own practices because they believe that they have no other option. Most of the walk in clinic doctors will not see car accident patients other than in urgent situations.

With all of the above, why would you consider joining our roster? The following provides some of the answers:

(a) There is a financial incentive to taking on such cases. They are a source of non-MSP income; an average case is worth in the neighborhood of $3,000 to $6,000 for medical visits, records and reports, depending on whether or not the case goes to trial. Even five new cases a month would yield non-MSP income of about $250,000 annually.

(b) In terms of the skills required to write medical legal reports and testify in trial, there are no cost resources available that we can connect you with. We can also provide connections to paramedical rehab providers, medical specialists and diagnostic technology on an expedited basis.

(c) Treating such people can be immensely rewarding. What most of these patients simply want is to recover and return to their pre-accident lives.

We are always on the lookout for new physicians to join our team who can provide this service with an enhanced geographical scope for our patients.

Please provide us with your particulars to the right and someone will get back you shortly. They will work with you to discuss the program and how you can be added to the roster. We understand that your inquiry is exploratory at this time and we will treat your information with unconditional discretion.

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